Imagines Maiorum - Ancestors from Campania

7 September 2017

Due mainly to work obligations, I have not been able to post much new material for the past couple of years. I have also generally been unable to reply to emails or requests for look-ups for specific individuals. However, my schedule appears to be improving and I hope to soon pick up the pace of posting new and updated surnames. I have nearly completed my research on Padula surnames, with only the analysis of the 1749 catasto and cross-referencing with American records of emigrants remaining to be completed. I will be gradually posting surnames from that comune over the coming months. The other new comune I am currently researching is Nusco, in Avellino province, with most atti di nascita from 1868-1910 now analyzed and atti di matrimoni and morti soon to begin.


A significant new source of 19th century atti for Salerno province has recently appeared:  All comuni in the province are represented to one degree or another, and, significantly for my work, this includes early 19th century atti for Agropoli and Monte San Giacomo which I did not previously have access to.  I estimate it will take me about a year to sort through these new atti. I expect that they will allow me to trace most surnames from these comuni back at least another two generations, and make definitive connections between different branches of more common surnames such as Botti of Agropoli and Lisa of Monte San Giacomo. Indeed, after reviewing just a handful of documents from 1865 I have already made a few important connections and corrections!


While responding to all email requests and queries will continue to be difficult for me, if there is a particular surname or surnames from Agropoli, Atripalda, Castellabate, Laureana Cilento, Monte San Giacomo, Nusco, or Padula that you are interested in, please email me and I will happy to post that surname or repost it with updates. If there is a specific individual from those comuni you wish to know more about, I will also attempt to find more information from the above mentioned