Imagines Maiorum - Ancestors from Campania




I have been busy with work,  and some fun stuff as well,  for the past few months,  so my new postings have not been as frequent as usual.  I also may not be able to reply to all email inquiries promptly.  However,  I am making good progress researching civil records from Padula,  with all births from 1810-1910,  marriages from 1850-1910,  and deaths from 1900-1939 recorded and organized into their respective surnames and families.  I should have the remaining marriage and death records wrapped later this year and will then start posting surnames to the Padula section.  In the mean time,  please feel free to contact me regarding any Padula surnames that are of interest,  and I can post a preview of those surnames.  I have also begun some very preliminary work on the next comune I will be researching,  Nusco,  in Avellino province.


I am starting to post surnames connected Wilmerding,  Pennsylvania as part of the American offshoot of imaginesmaiorum,  and hopefully later this year will be start posting surnames from eastern Long Island (East Hampton and Southampton towns).