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Other towns/Future projects

I often am asked if I am planning to do research on other Italian towns, or if I will do look-ups for specific individuals. While I am by no means a professional genealogist, I may be able to be of assistance in these regards, especially if Italian civil records regarding a particular individual or town can be found online, through or
If you know what town (comune) the ancestor or relative you are interested in was born in, I can do a quick check to see what civil records for that comune are available.  If any are, I can begin the search for that individual. Most individual records for most comunes that are available online are not web indexed, so finding records relating to a specific individual can be a challenge; this is where I can be of particular help.
If you do not know which comune the ancestor you are searching for was born in, I can try to identify it by searching American records that sometimes list an individual’s specific place of birth,  such as immigration manifests and draft registration cards.
In either case, I can then start to build up a collection of biographical data on each individual, much like those posted on my website. Since Italian birth and marriage records almost always list the individual’s parents names, including the mother’s maiden name, I can then search for records relating to the parents, siblings, and so on.
Here is a rough guide to pricing for my services:
Atti di nascita, matrimoni, or morti                $5 each per individual lookup
Migration records/manifests                          $5 per individual for first record, $3 for each additional record
US census records                                           $5 per family per census year
US Social Security death record                     No charge
A typical collection of biographical data might typically cost about $25-$40 for individuals who emigrated, and $10-$15 for individuals with data from Italy only.
I may need to charge an extra supplement if searching a particularly large town, such as a provincial capital, on the other hand, if the records for the town are already web indexed, I may be able to discount.
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