Imagines Maiorum - Ancestors from Campania

Aluotto, Alutto

The family below represents only one of several families in the New York City area surnamed Aluotto (or with varient spellings) that orinated in Monte San Giacomo.
Antonio Aluotto
Born: c.1864 to Giuseppe Aluotto and Rosa (Racioppi?)
Married: Maria Gallitiello 04.12.1887                                                           
Children: Joseph b.1889, Rosalia b.1894, Lawrence b.1896, Angelina b.1899, Charlie b.1902, Rose b.1904, Maria b.1908
Died: bef.1925
Occupation: Street sweeper (1910)
Residence: 1910, 225 East 111th St., New York, NY                               
Immigrated: c.1879
Note: Antonio and his descendents spelled their surname in various documents Alnotto, Alutto, and Leuto. Most seem to have eventually settled on the spelling Alutto, however, matriarch Maria Gallitiello’s social security surname was Alnotto.
Giuseppe Joseph Alutto
Born: 07.06.1889 to Antonio Alutto and Maria Gallitiello, New York   Alutto
Married: Angelina (13.08.1894, NY-04.11.1993, Albany, NY)
Children: Anthony b.1914, Minnie b.1919, Anna b.1924
Occupation: Street sweeper (1910-1925), private chauffer (1930)
Residence: 1910, 225 East 111th St.—usc                                                   
                1917, 211 East 111th St., New York, NY—dc.I                          
                1925, 207 East 111th St., New York, NY—sc                             
                1930, 154 East 112th St.—usc                                                         
                1942, 1949 Pilgram Ave., Bronx, NY—dc.II             
Rosalia Alnuotto
Born: 31.03.1894 to Antonio Alutto and Maria Gallitiello, New York
Married: Leo Gallo*
Died: (03.1983, Providence, RI?) 
Lorenzo Lawrence Alutto
Born: c.1897
Married: Carolina Pascucci b.1902, NY
Children: Anthony b.1924, John b.1926, Rita b.1929
Died: 02.09.1981, NY--aft
Occupation: Street sweeper (1930), D.S.C. chauffer (1940)—usc
Residence: 1925-1940, 207 East 111 th St., New York—usc, sc          
Angelina Alnutto
Born: 13.07.1899 to Antonio Alutto and Maria Gallitiello, New York—ssi          
Married: Philip Naclario*
Died: 09.1975, Bronx, NY—ssi
Angelo Charlie Leuto
Born: 21.04.1902 to Antonio Alutto and Maria Gallitiello, New York—ssi
Died: 12.1977, Bronx, NY—ssi
Occupation: Street cleaning (1925)—sc
Residence: 1910, 225 East 111th St., New York,—usc                             
                1925, 211 East 111th St., New York—sc                                      
Maria Mary
Born: c.1904 to Antonio Alutto and Maria Gallitiello, New York8 , NY
Residence: 1910, 225 East 111th St., New York, NY               
                1925, 211 East 111th St., New York, NY                     
Rose (Rosalie) Alnuotto
Born: 01.12.1904 to Antonio Alutto and Maria Gallitiello, New York—ssi
Married: Patsy DeLaura c.1927*
Died: 11.07.1995, Bronx, NY—ssi
Residence: 1910, 225 East 111th St., New York—usc                              
                1925, 211 East 111th St., New York—sc      
1930-1940, 207 East 111th St., New York—usc
Maria (Mary) Alnotto
Born: c.1908 to Antonio Alutto and Maria Gallitiello, New York
Occupation: Hose factory (1930)—usc
Residence: 1910, 225 East 111th St., New York                                        
                1930, 211 East 111th St., New York                                              
Anthony Alutto
Born: 03.12.1914 to Joseph Alutto
Died: 09.1985, Claverack, NY
John Alutto
Born: 19.02.1926 to Lawrence Alutto and Carolina Pascucci
Died: 24.10.2009, New Hyde Park, NY
Residence: 1940, 207 East 111 th St., New York
Leo Gallo
Born: c.1892, Italy
Married: Rosa Alnuotto
Children: Angela b.1917, Fred b.1920, Elvira b.1924, Tessie b.1925, Natalie b.1927
Occupation: Tailor shop presser (1930)
Residence: 1930, 207 East 111th St., New York—usc
Patsy DeLaura
Born: c.1896, NY
Married: Rosalie Alnutto
Children: Nicholas b.1928, Stella b.1931
Occupation: D.S.C. mechanic—usc
Residence: 1930-1940, 207 East 111th St., New York—usc
Philip Naclario
Born: 09.11.1895, Italy (Napoli?)—dc.II
Married: Angelina Alutto
Children: Salvatore b.1924, Emily b.1926, Marie b.1929, Philip b.1932
Occupation: Milkman, Sheffield Farm Corp. (1930-1942)—usc
Residence: 1930, 211 East 111th St., New York, renter—usc
1940-1942, 1131 Virginia Ave., Bronx, owner—usc, dc.II