Imagines Maiorum - Ancestors from Campania

Calabrese-Part C

Sabato Calabrese                                                                                              
Born: c.1836 to Giuseppe Calabrese
Married: Maria Pasquale
Children: Giuseppe b.1866, Paola b.1867, Nunziate b.1871, Domenico b.1872
Occupation: Contadino
Antonio Calabrese                            
Born: c.1865 (to Sabato Calabrese and Maria Pasquale?)
Married: Pasqualina Lisa
Children: Maria b.1890, Pietro b.1892, Sabato b.1894, Rosa b.1897, Anna b.1900, Francesca b.1903
Occupation: Contadino
Giuseppe Calabrese                                          
Born: 06.03.1866 to Sabato Calabrese and Maria Pasquale, Monte San Giacomo
Paola Calabrese                                                
Born: 28.04.1867 to Sabato Calabrese and Maria Pasquale, Monte San Giacomo                            
Married: Francesco Calabrese 03.10.1885(bann), Monte San Giacomo*
Nunziate Calabrese                                          
Born: 03.02.1871 to Sabato Calabrese and Maria Pasquale, Monte San Giacomo
Died: 25.02.1871, Monte San Giacomo
Domenico Calabrese                                        
Born: 13.05.1872 to Sabato Calabrese and Maria Pasquale, Monte San Giacomo
Died: 17.11.1875, Monte San Giacomo                                                      
Maria Calabrese                                               
Born: 24.06.1890 to Antonio Calabrese and Pasqualena Lisa, Monte San Giacomo
Pietro Calabrese                                               
Born: 06.03.1892 to Antonio Calabrese and Pasqualena Lisa, Monte San Giacomo
Died: 06.01.1910, Agropoli
Occupation: Pastore
Note: From death notice-comprars Francesco Lisa 50 pastore, d.Agropoli, Giuseppe Caporrino 27 massaio, d.Agropoli.
Sabato Calabrese                              
Born: 10.04.1894 to Antonio Calabrese and Pasqua Lisa, Monte San Giacomo
Died: 22.09.1901, Monte San Giacomo
Rosa Calabrese                                  
Born: 06.03.1897 to Antonio Calabrese and Pasqua Lisa, Monte San Giacomo
Anna Calabrese                                 
Born: 04.03.1900 to Antonio Calabrese and Pasqualena Lisa, Monte San Giacomo
Died: 19.09.1904, Monte San Giacomo
Francesca Calabrese                        
Born: 17.10.1903 to Antonio Calabrese and Pasqualina Lisa, Monte San Giacomo
Married: Francescantonio Romano 26.01.1924
Antonio Calabrese                            
Born: c.1835
Married: Columba Totaro
Domenico Calabrese
Born: c.1817 to Evangelio Calabrese and Giacomina Vernile
Married: Rosantonia Caporrino
Died: 28.01.1894, Monte San Giacomo
Matteo Antonio Calabrese
Born: c.1831
Died: 12.01.1894, location?
Agnese Calabrese                              
Born: c.1865
Married: Giuseppe Vernaglia*
Carmela Calabrese
Born: bef.1890
Married: Giovanni Calabrese*
Carminella Calabrese                     
Born: c.1800 to Evangelio Calabrese and Rosa Viciconte
Married: Pasquale Castella*
Died: 05.05.1878, Monte San Giacomo
Caterina Calabrese                          
Born: c.1828 to Sabato Calabrese and Giuseppa Catanea, Monte San Giacomo
Married: Francesco Romano
Died: 21.04.1898, Monte San Giacomo
Concetta Calabrese
Born: c.1842
Married: Luigi Lisa*
Francesca Calabrese                        
Born: bef.1830
Married: Nicola Berardi*
Maria Giuseppa Calabrese            
Born: c.1788 to Angelantonio Calabrese and Brigida Zappino
Married: Giovanni Totaro*
Died: 22.03.1872, Monte San Giacomo
Maria Giuseppa Calabrese
Born: c.1793 to Cono Calabrese and Nunziata Lisa
Married: Antonio Spina
Died: 17.05.1878, Monte San Giacomo
Mariarosa Calabrese
Born: c.1808 to Giovanni Calabrese and Francesca Lisa
Married: nubile
Died: 23.05.1878, Monte San Giacomo      
Marta Calabrese                               
Born: c.1795
Married: Antonio Capuano*
Nicoletta Calabrese
Born: c.1791 to Pasquale Calabrese and Scolastica Lisa
Married: nubile
Died: 30.03.1871, Monte San Giacomo
Occupation: Contadino
Rosa Calabrese
Born: bef.1805
Married: Domenico Lisa
Children: Vito b.1822, Pietro b.1825
Personal note: My great-great-grandmother
Rosa Calabrese                                  
Born: c.1825
Married: Domenico Amato*
Rosa Calabrese                                  
Born: c.1835 to Pasquale Calabrese and Veneranda Lisa
Married: Giovanni Sansivieri
Died: 19.04.1905, Monte San Giacomo
Rosa Calabrese                                  
Born: c.1840
Married: Gaetano Buono*
Died: c.1880
Rosa Calabrese                                  
Born: c.1860 (to Giacomo Calabrese and Raffaela Pizra?)
Married: Martino Accetta*
Rosantonia Calabrese                      
Born: c.1840 to Vincenzo Calabrese
Married: Michele Chirichella*
Rosaria Calabrese                            
Born: bef.1800
Married: Giosue Calabrese*
*had children, see husband’s surname entry