Imagines Maiorum - Ancestors from Campania


Most of the individuals below were from Ogliastro, and were probably related to one another, but I do not have enough information to make the exact connections.
Gaetano Malzone
Born: c.1892 to Donato Malzone and Teresa Cerella, Ogliastro Cilento
Married: Chiara Lanza 22.04.1909, Agropoli
Occupation: Lavoratore
Angela Irene Malzone
Born: c.1862 to Francesco Malzone and Maddalena di Giaimo, Ogliastro Cilento
Married: Raffaele Pecora 07.02.1880, Agropoli
Children: Giuseppa b.1881, Giuseppe b.1882, Nicola b.1884, Chiarina b.1887, Chiarina b.1888, Sabato b.1891, Nicola b.1893, Teodosio b.1895, Maria b.1899
Antonia Malzone
Born: c.1828 to Giovanni Malzone and Carminella di Biase
Married: Giuseppe Restanio
Died: 12.01.1868, Agropoli
Carmela Malzone
Born: 1926 to Giovanni Malzone and Maria di Matteo, Ogliastro Cilento
Died: 20.07.1927, Agropoli
Irene Malzone Esposito
Born: c.1828 to Antonio Malzone and Angiola Esposito, Castellabate
Married: Andrea Pecora
Died: 18.07.1898
Lucia Malzone
Born: c.1863 to Donato Malzone and Maria Teresa Sasone
Married: Raffaele Cosenza 22.05.1884, Agropoli     
Maddalena Malzone
Born: c.1826 to ignoto and Brigida Malzone, Ogliastro Cilento
Married: nubile
Died: 07.05.1909