Imagines Maiorum - Ancestors from Campania

Miscellaneous Surnames

Below is a partial list of individuals and small families that lived in Monte San Giacomo. Many, if not most of these likely originated in neighboring comuni.


Tomasso Angello                              

Born:  c.1860 to Nicola Agnello (b.1832) and Maria Flora

Married:  Rosa Campanaro 10.12.1892(bann),  Monte San Giacomo     

Arcangela Baialardo        ftm

Born:  c.1837 to Candeloro? Baialardo

Married:  Pietro Viciconte*

Died:  25.09.1902,  Monte San Giacomo

Maria Bellezra

Born:  c.1832 to Francesco Bellezra and Assunta? Calandriello

Married:  Matteo Guarino

Died:  08.03.1902

Vincenza Brigante

Born:  c.1788 to Salvatore Brigante and Rosa Aquila

Married(1):  Francesco Arnone

Married(2):  Giuseppe Luongo 07.07.1818, San Giacomo—ama.22

Laura Buccella

Born:  c.1747, forastiera

Married:  Pasquale Romano

Died:  28.08.1817, San Giacomo—am.311

Angela Caputo

Born:  c.1745 to Michele Caputo and Donatella Quinto

Married:  Costantino Cardillo*

Died:  03.08.1815, San Giacomo—am.56

Francesca Caputo

Born:  c.1802 to Cono Caputo

Married:  Giuseppe Romano

Died:  26.12.1863, San Giacomo—am.51

Rosa Cernecchiara

Born:  c.1778 to Andrea Cernecchiara and Leonarda Bonora

Married(1):  Michele Rubino

Married(2):  Gaetano Laveglia 12.04.1818, San Giacomo—ama.6

Died:  23.07.1837, San Giacomo, cholera—am.141

Rosaria Conforti

Born:  c.1781 to Francesco Conforti and Teresa Bianco, San Giacomo

Married:  Giuseppe Monaco

Died:  28.04.1837, San Giacomo—ama.30

Giovanna Corona

Born:  c.1790 to Paolino Corona and Paolina Policastro

Married:  Giovanni D’Alto

Died:  21.06.1817, San Giacomo—am.158

Agnesanna Corona

Born:  c.1790 to Paolo Corona and Paolina Policastro

Married(1):  Gerardo Di Gregorio*

Married(2):  Giuseppe Vernaglia*

Died:  09.03.1860, San Giacomo—am.7

Fra Bonaventura Di Laurino

Born:  c.1799 to Giovanni Di Laurino and Anna Maria Arcara, San Giacomo

Married:  celibe

Died:  01.08.1849, San Giacomo—am.34

Occupation:  Francescaro

Angela Di Napoli

Born:  c.1834 to Antonia Di Napoli,  padre ignoti

Married:  Michele Cusato 18.05.1872,  Monte San Giacomo

Died:  25.06.1894,  Monte San Giacomo

Antonia Falvotico

Born:  c.1788 to Giacomo Falvotico and Giacoma D’Alto

Married:  Pasquale Catanea

Died:  06.04.1838, San Giacomo—am.13

Carmine Falvotico or Falonico

Born:  c.1793 to Giacomo Falvotico and Giacoma D’Alto

Married:  Rosaria Romano 02.02.1817, San Giacomo—ama.1

Occupation:  Bracciale

Angela Fescena

Born:  c.1762 to Artenzio Fescena and Rosa Marotta

Married:  Giovanni D’Amato 08.04.1809, San Giacomo—ama.2

Died:  17.06.1836, San Giacomo—am.32     Fescina

Modesta Giardullo

Born:  c.1768 to Albino Giardullo and Caminella Romano

Married:  Paolo Pasquale

Died:  23.05.1813, San Giacomo—am.23

Rosa Grosso

Born:  c.1763 to Francesco Grosso and Rosaria Giuda

Married(1):  Gennaro Montano

Married(2):  Giacomo Romano 18.03.1814, San Giacomo—ama.3

Armida Iodice

Born:  c.1734 to Gennaro Iodice and Anna Moscarella

Married:  Felice Antonio Di Lisa

Died:  28.12.1814, San Giacomo—am.80

Vittoria Lettieri

Born:  c.1775 to Michele Lettieri

Married:  Francesco Viciconte*

Died:  14.07.1825, San Giacomo—am.31

Occupation:  Civile

Lorenzo Marfoncelli

Born:  c.1781 to Gennaro Marfongelli and Rosa Totaro, San Giacomo

Married:  Caterina Totaro

Died:  30.07.1851, San Giacomo—am.231

Occupation:  Contadino

Paolina Marfongelli

Born:  c.1782 to Gennaro Marfongelli and Rosa Totaro, San Giacomo

Married(1):  Vincenzo Lovizio (d.11.04.1816)

Married(2):  Pietro Policastro 03.07.1819, San Giacomo—ama.20*

Rosolina Mazzola

Born:  c.1772 to Giuseppe Mazzola and Sofia Iodice

Married:  Michele Marotta

Died:  18.08.1817, San Giacomo—am.275

Catarina Mea

Born:  c.1734 to Alessandro Mea and Anna Matrella

Married:  Pietro Romano

Died:  28.11.1814, San Giacomo—am.74

Rosa Pepe

Born:  c.1787 to Costantino Pepe and Barbara D’Alessandro

Married:  Gaetano Spina*

Died:  11.10.1817, San Giacomo—am.405

Arcangela Quagliano

Born:  c.1805 to Berardino Quagliano and Antonia Ricciardone

Married:  Michele Romano*

Died:  28.07.1835, San Giacomo—am.32

Filippo Priore

Born:  c.1807 to Vincenzo Priore di Polla and Antonia Bracco, San Giacomo—ama.2

Married(2):  Arcangela Miele 19.02.1865, San Giacomo—ama.2

Occupation:  Contadino

Tolla Ricciardi

Born:  c.1748

Married:  Arcangelo Lisa

Died:  13.01.1828, San Giacomo—am.3

Francescantonio Sassone

Born:  c.1808 to Giovanni Sassone and Annamaria Calabrese

Married:  Maria Anna Buono 28.11.1878,  Monte San Giacomo

Occupation:  Contadino

Felice Speranza

Born:  c.1757 to Federico Speranza, San Giacomo

Married:  Gaetano Di Lisa

Died:  09.09.1827, San Giacomo—am.60

Occupation:  Civile

Giuseppe Tardugno

Born:  c.1767 to Vito Tardugno and Catarina Policastro

Married:  Rosa Lanzieri

Died:  27.08.1817, San Giacomo—am.308

Caterina Zuccaro

Born:  c.1771 to Sabato Zuccaro and Paolina Tuzia, San Giacomo

Married:  Giacomo Ferraro

Died:  01.07.1837, San Giacomo, cholera—an.5

Anna Maria Zuccaro

Born:  c.1776 to Sabato Zuccaro and Paolina Tuzia, San Giacomo

Married:  Pietro Cioffreda

Died:  25.04.1816, San Giacomo—am.22

Maria Zurlo

Born:  c.1757 to Francesco Zurlo and Agnese Santoro

Married:  Giuseppe Varasco*

Died:  01.08.1817, San Giacomo—am.234