Imagines Maiorum - Ancestors from Campania


This surname is now attested in 130 comuni.  The largest number of comuni with the surname Truglio are in north east Sicily.  Smaller concentrations can be found in comuni around Napoli,  southern Lazio,  and Lombardia,  but apparently no southern Campanian towns are now home to the surname.  If I am correct in identifying Fedele Truglio as the father of Giovanna Truglio and Agnesa Truglio as the mother of Filomena Romano,  that would make Fedele common to two different lineages of my own ancestry.


Giovanna Truglio                             

Born:  c.1795 (to Fedele Truglio and Rosaria Viciconte?)

Married:  Giuseppe Lisa*

Note:  My great-great-great grandmother

Agnesa Truglio                                  

Born:  c.1800 to Fedele Truglio and Rosaria Viciconte

Married:  Michele Romano*

Died:  11.01.1886,  Monte San Giacomo

Arcangela Truglio

Born:  bef.1830

Married:  Francesco Flora*

Immigrated:  (01.12.1886 Neustria?)

Maria Truglio                                   

Born: bef.1820

Married:  Gaetano Caporrino*


*had children,  see husband’s surname entry