Imagines Maiorum - Ancestors from Campania

Adam, Adams


Stephen Leslie Adam

Born:  09.06.1900,  Pa

Married:  Hazel P. (14.12.1900-26.07.1983,  Elyria,  Oh)                          

Died:  15.11.1963,  Oh—gs

Occupation:  Public utility laborer (1930),  Bendix co. laborer (1940)—usc

Residence:  1910-1917,  Utahville,  Pa

1930,  401 Station St.,  Wilmerding,  renter—usc

1940,  Welsh St.,  Wilmerding,  renter—usc


David Adams

Born:  c.1874,  Wales

Married:  Annabelle b.1878,  Pa

Children:  Katherine b.1901, Richard b.1903, Elma b.1905

Occupation:  Machine hand (1920)—usc

Residence:  1920,  660 Air Brake Ave.,  Wilmerding,  renter—usc

Immigrated:  c.1881


Edgar John Adams

Born:  24.12.1895 to Willis Adams and Nancy Henderson,  Wilmerding,  Pa—dc.II,  smc

Married:  Gladys Anna Sill 01.07.1934,  New York—smc

Died:  09.1970,  New York—ssi

Occupation:  Apartment house superintendent (1940)

Residence:  1940-1942,  681 Wales Ave.,  Bronx,  NY—usc,  dc.II

Gladys Anna Sill

Born:  07.04.1894 to Lewis Sill and Adora Turner,  Millville,  NY—ssi,  smc

Married(2):  Edgar John Adams 01.07.1934,  New York—smc

Died: 14.12.1991,  New York—ssi


John C. Adams

Born:  c.1886,  Pa

Married:  Reba b.1896,  Pa

Children:  John b.1918

Occupation:  Lathe hand (1920)—usc

Residence:  1920,  624 Middle Ave.,  Wilmerding,  renter—usc


Joseph E. Adams

Born:  c.1896,  Pa

Married:  single in 1930

Occupation:  Dentist (1930)—usc

Residence:  1930,  266 Welsh Ave.,  Wilmerding,  lodger—usc

Sister,  1930:  Margaret L. b.1909,  Pa



William Adams

Born:  14.02.1860 to James Adams and Mary Oxley,  Pa—sdc

Married:  Amanda Chester

Children:  Mary b.1886

Died:  21.05.1941,  Wilkensburg—sdc

Occupation:  News agent (1900-1941)—usc

Residence:  1900,  Station St.,  Wilmerding—usc

1920,  1100 South Ave.,  Wilkensburg—usc

1930-1941,  8006 Susquahana St.,  Wilkensburg—usc


Mary Willa Adams

Born:  01.08.1886 to William Adams and Amanda Chester,  Pa—ssi,  sbc

Married:  ? Nicholls (widowed by 1920)

Children:  Richard b.1917

Died:  08.1978,  Pittsburgh—ssi

Occupation:  Public school teacher (1930-1940)—usc

Residence:  1900,  Station St.,  Wilmerding—usc

1920,  1100 South Ave.,  Wilkensburg—usc

1930-1940,  8006 Susquahana St.,  Wilkensburg—usc


Amanda Chester

Born:  08.01.1864 to Oliver Chester and Mary Severn,  Pittsburgh—sdc

Married:  William Adams*

Died:  02.02.1942,  Wilkensburg—sdc

Residece:  1880,  Wilkinsburg—usc