Imagines Maiorum - Ancestors from Campania

Genitori Ignoti

Below is a partial list of foundlings and individuals born out-of-wedlock in Monte San Giacomo.  Only individuals know to have lived to adulthood are included.  Note that male foundlings with known descendants are listed under their own surname entries; also, individuals born out-of-wedlock, but for whom the mother’s name was given,  are listed under the mother’s surname.


Luigi Amarosa

Born:  26.05.1887, genitori ignoti, San Giacomo

Died:  02.09.1968

Rosa Clotilde Amarosa   

Born:  c.1883,  genitori ignoti

Married:  Angelo Romano 21.08.1885*

Annamaria Aquasanta

Born:  09.1882,  genitori ignoti (uncle Giuseppe Romano)

Immigrated:  27.08.1907,  Hamburg-Amerika Moltke,  Napoli-New York

Annamaria Bettoliera                                     

Born:  06.1880, genitori ignoti, Monte San Giacomo*

Married:  Giovanni Tuzio 16.04.1899,  Monte San Giacomo

Teresa Cappetta or Cassetta

Born:  06.1870,  genitori ignoti

Married:  Cono Romano 14.08.1891,  Monte San Giacomo*

Residence:  1900-1910, Hoboken

Immigrated:  1898

Angiolina Casamiccola   

Born:  04.09.1883, genitori ignoti, Monte San Giacomo

Married:  Giuseppe Amato 12.03.1904, Monte San Giacomo*

Vincenza Di Giuseppe

Born:  c.1781, genitori ignoti

Married:  Pasquale Pellegrino

Died:  08.07.1837, San Giacomo, cholera—am.60

Died:  24.08.1849, San Giacomo—am.53

Pasquale Eraldo

Born:  21.04.1905, genitori ignoti, Monte San Giacomo

Married:  Carmela Lisa 22.10.1923

Caterina Fiorino               

Born:  c.1817 to Francesco Fiorino,  madre ignota

Married:  Gennaro Ronga

Died:  04.09.1897,  Monte San Giacomo

Carminella Fiorino          

Born:  04.1875,  genitori ignoti,  Monte San Giacomo

Married(1):  Gaetano Totaro 21.12.1892,  Monte San Giacomo

Married(2):  Eduardo Carenza 23.08.1906,  Monte San Giacomo

Francesco Fontana

Born:  09.07.1909,  genitori ignoti

Married:  Antonia Viciconte 24.09.1928,  Monte San Giacomo

Maria Fornella  

Born:  04.1883,  genitori ignoti,  Monte San Giacomo

Married:  Nicola Calabrese 30.11.1905,  Monte San Giacomo

Grazia Genova

Born:  abt. 05.01.1910, genitori ignoti, Monte San Giacomo

Married:  Nicola Deserta 15.12.1927

Angela Rosa Giglio

Born:  05.03.1846, genitori ignoti, San Giacomo—an.18

Married(2):  Giovanni Romano 14.05.1886(bann), Monte San Giacomo*

Rosa Landi          ftm

Born:  08.1878,  genitori ignoti,  Monte San Giacomo

Married:  Francesco Buono 27.06.1895,  Monte San Giacomo*

Died:  12.10.1906,  Monte San Giacomo

Carmela Macalli

Born:  01.1896 to Anna Amato, padre ignoto, Monte San Giacomo

Immigrated:  22.10.1913  Nord-Deutcher Lloyd Berlin,  Napoli-New York

Luigi Manfredi

Born:  20.05.1889, genitori ignoti, Monte San Giacomo

Married:  Pasqualina Romano 16.10.1911,  Sassano

Died:  21.04.1975

Vittoria Mezzagusto

Born:  08.1876,  genitori ignoti

Married:  Nicola Panico 15.05.1902,  Monte San Giacomo*

Pasquale Monacello                         

Born:  05.1879, genitori ignoti, Monte San Giacomo

Married(1):  Maria Percontino 22.10.1902,  Monte San Giacomo

Married(2):  Anna ?

Residence:  1917,  452 w. 39th St., New York

Immigrated:  23.05.1903,  Ravanna,  Napoli-New York

Rachele Netti

Born:  23.02.1830, genitori ignoti, San Giacomo—an.11

Married:  nubile

Died:  12.07.1907

Raffaela Pastore

Born:  c.1813,  genitori ignoti, Giffoni Vallo Piano

Died:  26.12.1883,  Monte San Giacomo

Cleonice Petrizzi                               

Born:  05.1875,  genitori ignoti,  Monte San Giacomo

Married:  Nicola Percontino 26.01.1895,  Monte San Giacomo*

Died:  18.09.1958

Maria Salvitelle                                 ftm

Born:  03.1887,  genitori ignoti,  Monte San Giacomo

Married:  Pietro Caporrino 26.03.1904,  Monte San Giacomo*

Residence:  1910,  418 Jackson St.,  Hoboken

Immigrated:  c.1907

Maria San Rufo                

Born:  20.07.1847, genitori ignoti, San Giacomo—an.80

Married:  Nicola Romano 28.04.1871

Maria Michela Scella

Born:  c.1825, genitori ignoti, San Giacomo

Married:  Pasquale Amato

Died:  08.03.1895,  Monte San Giacomo

Rosa Sofia

Born:  10.1895,  genitori ignoti,  Monte San Giacomo

Died:  18.08.1976

Maria Santo Roso

Born:  c.1847,  genitori ignoti

Married:  Nicola Romano 28.09.1871,  Monte San Giacomo*

Carlo Serravalla

Born:  18.11.1909, genitori ignoti, Monte San Giacomo

Married:  Concetta Cardillo 02.08.1928

Antonia Silvana                

Born:  28.06.1830, genitori ignoti, San Giacomo—an.55

Married:  Vincenzo D’Onza 23.10.1848, San Giacomo—ama.28*

Giuseppe Venditore

Born:  05.1884,  genitori ignoti

Died:  07.04.1962

Immigrated:  19.11.1901,  Hamburg-Amerika Furst Bismark,  Napoli-New York


*had children,  see husband’s surname entry