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Below is a partial list FAQ’s about me and my work that I often receive.  Please feel free to contact me with further questions.


Where are you from/where are you based?

I was born in East Hampton,  New York,  and currently reside in the neighboring community of Sag Harbor.


What is your personal connection to the towns you are researching?

My mother’s ancestors were from Monte San Giacomo,  and my paternal grandmother’s parents were from Agropoli and Atripalda.


Do plan on expanding your research to other towns?

Yes.  My long term goal would be to create sections for all 276 comuni of Avellino and Salerno provinces,  as well as select US communities. 


Are you willing to do “look ups” of individuals from towns you are not currently researching?

Yes,  however,  I am currently limited to comuni that have had their civil records digitalized.  About 30 comuni in Avellino and 40 in Salerno have digitalized records.  I can do look-ups for comuni in other provinces as well,  provided their civil records have also been digitalized.  There is much variety to the extant of records available for different comuni.  For some,  only a few decades of atti di naschita for the late 19th century are available,  while for others,   civil records from 1809 (the year that the Kingdom of Naples and some northern states began civil registrations) well into the twentieth century are available,  and in a few cases tax censuses and parish records are available for the 17th and 18th centuries as well.  I charge a small fee for look-ups,  based on the number of direct ancestors I find.


Can you help with duel citizenship applications?

This is beyond my scope of services.


How can I support Imaginesmaiorum?

There are three basic way you can help support my work.

-Provide additional data and/or photographs of people and places listed on my site.  For example,  if all I have listed for a particular individual is a date of birth,  and that individual is a relative for whom you can provide additional data such as names of spouse and children,  date of death,  or profession,  I will add this information to their entry.  Note that I generally do not post data on individuals born after circa 1930.

-Commission me to do “look ups” for individuals from other comuni,  as noted above.

-Provide a small donation to imaginesmaiorum.  While this website is a hobby for me,  not a means of support,  any income that it generates will allow me to spend more time on doing additional research and otherwise improving the site.  In the near future I also hope to set up a crowd-funding link for imaginesmaiorum.


What are your interests and pursuits besides imaginesmaiorum?

I am an architect,  and have my own practice based in Sag Harbor,  New York.  My business web site is,  and my business can also be followed on its Facebook page (Anthony Vermandois Architect),  and Instagram page (anthonyvermandoisarchitect).  I use my twitter feed @averman1472 mostly to retweet articles on history,  archaeology,  art,  and science that I find interesting.  I also have a personal Facebook page and Instagram feed (anthony1472).


Anthony Vermandois