Imagines Maiorum - Ancestors from Campania

Imagines Maiorum

Ancient Roman families would display portraits of their ancestors-imagines maiorum- in their homes, so that their memory would not be forgotten. With this web site I hope to help preseve the memory of my ancestors and many others from the Italian region of Campania with written portraits that illustrate their lives in brief. 

Central to this site is the town and surname library, currently containing information on over 1000 surnames and over 50,000 individuals from Agropoli, Atripalda, Monte San Giacomo and Padula.  For many individuals all that is know is a date of birth or death.  For others, I have been able to outline thier lives in some detail.
In the future,  I will be adding sections on general topics concerning Southern Italy such as Art,  History,  Gastronomy.  I will also be adding additional towns,  famlies, and individuals to the libray,  and updating existing names as additional information becomes available.